Best Digital Tape Measure

The tape measure is a great tool for taking measurements of different items. It’s been around for a long time, but gone are the days of the old-fashioned tape measure. Now, there are digital tape measures. These are easier to use and more accurate. These are great tape measures, but do you know which one is the best digital tape measure? This blog will look at some of the best digital tape measures on the market today.

BOSCH GLM20 Blaze 65ft Laser Distance

With its powerful laser unit and simple touch panel operation, the Bosch GLM20 measures distance up to 200 metres in three seconds and is ideal for measuring distances up to 30m around obstructions. In addition to measuring distances, it is also equipped with a 2.0 inch colour LCD display and dual-frequency ranging. The Bosch GLM20 is also an ideal laser rangefinder, designed for indoor use and available in 3 different colours. Measuring up to 65 feet, this Bosch GLM20 laser distance measuring device will measure distances accurately and quickly, even under tough conditions. From yardage measurements to field surveying, this precision tool can find the distance to just about anything.

Bosch’s GLM20 can measure distances up to 65 feet with an accuracy of +/- 3mm or +/- 0.16 inches. In addition to the distance measurement feature, the Bosch GLM20 measures surface temperature with the included temperature probe. To prevent user injury, the laser head will automatically retract into the body of the device when pressed against a solid object, such as the wall of a home, or the floor of a garage. It features an on screen display, and a real time clock so you can see current, accurate distance readings even if you aren’t constantly looking at the device. The device is also compact, lightweight and waterproof, so it’s ready to go wherever you need.

The Bosch GLM 20 Blaze 65 ft Laser Distance Measure is an excellent tool for measuring distance and is capable of giving accurate measurements to a maximum of 65 feet. A large display panel will allow you to see the reading clearly in bright light, even outdoors, and the large focus wheel will give you great control over the distance measurement. The laser rangefinder comes with a free USB cable and measuring tape to make it easy to use.

The Bosch GLM20 Blaze rangefinder laser distance measuring unit, with its integrated measuring laser beam, is the perfect tool for use in the kitchen, garden, wood shop or workplace, whether in the home or office. The measuring laser beam is permanently integrated in the laser range finder and is independent of the device’s power supply. The laser measures in units of 0.1 m and allows for rapid measurement of distances between objects.

  • Very accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive

eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure

eTape16 is a high quality tape measure, with an ergonomic handle. Built with a durable stainless steel body, this tape measure allows you to easily measure distances over 16 feet. It is equipped with a light beam indicator that shows you where you are relative to the end of the tape measure. A red dot will appear to confirm the accuracy of the measurement. The unit also comes with a built-in LED flashlight with a range of 0-15 feet. It measures tape widths up to 1.25mm. The tape measure is battery operated with 2 AAA batteries (not included). It comes with a measuring ruler that fits in the back of the tape measure for ease of use. With a weight of 1.2 lbs., it is light and easy to carry. It has a metal loop on the end of the tape measure for hanging if required.

Measure up to 16 feet with the eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measuring Tool. Made with premium quality material for easy grip and accurate measurements, this tool makes measuring a breeze. Measuring tapes of more than 16 feet, the ET16 is an essential tool for anyone who wants to measure up to 16 feet accurately and conveniently.

Measure in Style! With this eTape® digital tape measure you’re sure to be the envy of the block and the envy of everyone that sees you. A digital tape measure is so easy to use and so much more accurate than the analogue tape measures you are used to! Not only will this eTape® digital tape measure help you measure objects accurately and easily, it’s also got an adjustable LCD scale and a built in digital voice recorder to capture your measurements and save them to your computer.

eTape 16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure, 16 Feet, Red eTape16 Digital tape measure is the most accurate and precise 16 ft eTape 16 digital tape measure in the world. eTape16 can precisely measure almost any distance up to 16 ft with accuracy to 1/64 ft (1.5mm). The compact size makes eTape16 ideal for storage, travel, and personal use. It has a battery life of 50 hours. It has the smallest head diameter of all eTape tape measures. It is also easy to use. Simply plug it in, adjust the measurement, and press the button.

  • Accurate up to 16 ft
  • Battery life of 50 hours
  • Smallest head diameter of all eTape
  • No rewind functions

Bosch Blaze Pro GLM165-40 165ft

Bosch’s new Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Distance Measure is a truly modern laser distance measuring device. This is the only laser distance measure in its class featuring a color backlit display for quick measurement results and a high accuracy of + / – 0.1 m. This Bosch Laser Distance Meter measures distances from up to 40 meters (approx. 130 feet). With its laser distance measurement function, this Bosch laser rangefinder will help you get the right distance between objects and people.

The high precision laser distance measurement feature makes it easy to measure the distance of walls and other obstacles, allowing you to get the right height when installing or measuring wall fixtures and fittings. You’ll also enjoy the ability to adjust brightness and contrast settings for your viewing pleasure, and the large backlit display provides clear viewing. This is the ideal item for your workshop, home improvement projects, and more.

With the Bosch GLM165-40 165′ range finder you get a high precision distance meter, which displays distance in an easy to read LCD screen. The unit can be mounted on a pole, or to the ceiling or wall. It can also be used as a laser level, because of the laser diode incorporated in the measuring arm. The device provides accurate measurement results, and features an LED lamp to illuminate the measurement point. The high resolution color display makes the measurement results visible even in darkness.

The Bosch Laser Distance Measuring System lets you measure from a distance, with a measuring range of up to 300 m. With an angle measurement range of -90 to +90°, the system works perfectly for architectural projects, as well as for precise measurements. The Bosch GLM165-40 Laser Distance Measuring System comes with a measuring tape with the ability to measure up to 120 mm in length, plus a ruler with a measuring range of 5, 10 and 15 mm. 

  • Accurate measurement results
  • High precision distance measurement
  • High resolution LCD display
  • Pricey

MulWark 16ft Digital Tape

This Mulwark 16ft Digital Tape Measure, Large LCD Digital Display with Backlight, Feet/Inch/Metric Unit Conversion, Centerline Calculation, Inside/Outside Measurement | Measuring Tape for Construction is a high quality measuring tool with an attractive black finish. It is built to last and comes complete with instructions.

This Mulwark 16ft Digital Tape Measure, Large LCD Digital Display with Backlight, Feet/Inch/Metric Unit Conversion, Centerline Calculation, Inside/Outside Measurement | Measuring Tape for Construction includes a 2 year warranty.

The MulWark 16ft digital tape measure will allow you to accurately measure distances quickly and easily. This versatile tape measures can be used on jobsite, indoors and outdoors, at home and in the garden. With an LCD display, it will show you the exact length of the tape when in use. The MulWark 16ft digital tape measure is suitable for use by carpenters, builders and maintenance professionals. This MulWark tape measure is manufactured in the UK using durable material and precise components. MulWark products offer a high level of reliability with a high degree of service life.

Measure the length of your wall, ceiling, floor, and more accurately with the MulWark digital tape measure. This compact and easy-to-carry digital tape measure is easy to read on the large LCD display with backlight. The MulWark 16ft Digital Tape Measure features the feet/inch/metric conversion, centerline calculation, and inside/outside measurement functions, so measuring will never be the same.

Whether you’re doing an inside measurement or an outside measurement, MulWark digital tape measures are accurate and reliable. Take it with you when measuring the length of walls, ceilings, and floors. The MulWark tape measure also features an LED light.

  • Easy to read on large LCD display
  • Measurements displayed on the LCD screen
  • Fits easily in the palm
  • Expensive

DTAPE Laser Tape

DTAPE Laser Tape Measure is a 2-in-1 portable tool. It can measure up to 131 feet and is powered by a rechargeable USB battery. Featuring a color display, it is ideal for home use and commercial applications, making it the perfect companion for any tradesman, handyman or carpenter. The DTAPE Laser Tape Measure is a 2-in-1 tool for accurate measurement and safe storage. Easily attach the tape to the object, then press the measurement button to get the accurate distance.

It is very helpful when people measure objects at home. Measuring tapes are very commonly used at home, and this is especially useful for DIYers and builders, as well as professionals. The DTAPE Laser Tape Measure can be charged via USB, making it extremely portable. The battery life can last up to 5 hours. It is easy to install, lightweight, and convenient.

The DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1,laser measurement 131Ft is a tape measure with a dual function, it’s a standard tape measure, it can measure your wall thickness to get a quick estimate of your wallboard size as well as a laser measurement device with 31ft, 50ft, 75ft and 100ft measuring functions. This Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1,laser measurement 131Ft is also a portable tape measure, you can use it to measure distances around the house or office.

The DTAPE Laser Tape Measure is a 2 in 1 tape measure, suitable for all of your DIY tasks. Measuring tape range from 26Ft to 131Ft, easy to use and easy to carry. With its unique double-functioning capabilities, you can use it as a regular tape measure, or a Laser Tape Measure which offers the fastest measuring speed ever. It is powered by a built-in lithium battery which can last up to 10 hours at most and is recharged through USB port. Perfect for DIY. The tape is made of durable nylon fabric which makes it more resistant to shock and scratches.

  • Laser measuring device
  • Measuring tape range from 26Ft to 131Ft
  • Double-functioning
  • Carrying case is a bit small

General Tools LTM2X Laser Tape Measure

This product is ideal for use in the kitchen, garage, workshop and more. It will measure anything up to 16 ft and have a large, backlit digital display. With its laser guidance, measuring becomes easy and accurate. The unit also has a precision measurement function, allowing you to record accurate measurements to 0.1 mm with the push of a button. Its magnetic measurement range extends to 50 meters, meaning it will work anywhere, making it useful for long jobs. The measuring head is also detachable so it can be used as a tape measure as well.

The GY-A LTM2X laser tape measure was specifically designed to provide accurate measurements. It measures up to 650 ft and up to 65 inches in length, making it easy to take a quick measurement around your garage or shed. The GY-A LTM2X laser tape measure is also equipped with backlit display and an LED flashlight. A tape measure that makes measuring a breeze, the LTM2X Laser Tape Measure is an essential measuring tool for any home improvement or carpentry project.

The easy-to-read large backlit display lets you quickly check measurement results and adjust settings. The tape measure automatically adjusts to any length between 65 ft. and 16 ft., depending on which end of the tape is being used. Measure and mark a project on the ground or in the air with confidence. In addition to measuring tape, this tape measure also comes with a laser level.

The LTM2X is designed to combine laser measuring technology with the most popular tape measure on the market today, in one package. Use this tool for measuring long distances and building projects, plus this model also offers a backlit display for ease of use. In addition, this tool features a 2-in-1 design, allowing you to use the tape portion when measuring and the laser measuring technology when required. 

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large, easy to read backlit display
  • Laser measuring technology
  • Expensive


Tape measures are an essential tool for anyone who is trying to do any sort of home improvement. While there are many different types of tape measures, the best tape measure for you is the one that will fit your needs the best. We hope this blog post has helped you find the perfect tape measure for your needs! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading!

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