Best Jigsaw in 2022

A table saw is one of the best tools in any woodworker’s workshop. The Best Jobsite Table Saw is the only table saw made specifically for professionals. It has a unique design that makes it easy to install. Its dual-belt design is ideal for woodworking. It’s designed to make your life easier. It is also built for heavy duty applications.

Are you tired of buying the wrong table saw for your projects? We have collected the best reviews for the top rated table saws, hand held circular saws, cordless handheld power saws, and a number of other handy power tools. If you are looking for the best table saws or other power tools, this blog will help you make an informed buying decision.


The BLACK+DECKER 500W Autoselect Scorpion-Powered Electric Saw Jigsaw with Pruning Blade Kit is ideal for general and hardwood cutting. A variety of tasks can be accomplished with the versatile saw, including cutting plywood, sheet metal, plastics, and other materials. Thanks to the versatility of this versatile jigsaw, the Black+Decker 600W Saw comes complete with everything needed to get the job done. The tool comes with a wide-shoe foot, and a long shoe that provides stability when using the jigsaw, and allows for a larger cutting radius. In pruning mode, the shoe slides out to increase the clearance to branches or tree limbs and create a tighter pattern.

The kit comes with 3 saw blades: a 9mm x 18 mm straight-line blade, a 10mm x 16mm cross cut blade, and a 23mm x 6.5mm jigsaw blade. Each of these blades has an integrated handle, making for easier handling and quicker cutting. The BLACK+DECKER 500W Saw is one of the most popular handheld power tools on the market. The versatile saw has proven itself over and over again. It has a reputation for being a tool that is great at cutting a variety of materials, and it’s no surprise that it is popular.

This saw combines the best of traditional handheld power tools like the cordless router and sander, and adds a new dimension of versatility. Its large shoe allows for an improved cutting radius and helps protect users from injury. When using the tool as a jigsaw, it has an extended shoe that provides a stable platform and a long cutting radius to get the job done. When used as a pruner, the shoe is easily removed to increase the cutting radius. This is a premium-quality saw that offers the most power and versatility in its class.

The BLACK+DECKER 500W Saw is a versatile handheld power tool that cuts it up. A variety of tasks can be accomplished with this versatile saw, including cutting plywood, sheet metal, plastics, and other materials.
Thanks to the versatility of this versatile jigsaw, the BLACK+DECKER 500W Saw comes complete with everything needed to get the job done. The tool comes with a wide-shoe foot, and a long shoe that provides stability when using the jigsaw, and allows for a larger cutting radius. In pruning mode, the shoe slides out to increase the clearance to branches or tree limbs and create a tighter pattern.

  • Ideal for general and hardwood cutting
  • Versatile saw
  • Large shoe
  • Cuts plywood, sheet metal, plastics, and other materials
  • Not recommended for use with small limbs

Bosch Home and Garden Jigsaw PST 700 E

This Bosch Home & Garden SDS-Plus Jigsaw is designed for professional and semi-professional use with up to a maximum of 70mm cutting depth in hardwood and softwood. A Bosch PowerStream motor ensures a quiet saw operation, and a low vibration motor with linear mass balance and ergonomic soft grip. The saw’s cable guide with hanging hook offers convenient storage. All of these features combine to create a saw suitable for all types of sawing.

This Bosch® Sawing Technology SDS 600 (also called BOSCH SDS) saw comes with a saw blade changer. This makes it the ideal tool for professional use and especially suitable for professional users. For beginners, we recommend the Bosch PST 500 for cordless power tools. The saw blade changer requires only a screwdriver to change the saw blade. The tool weighs only 6.7 kg.

The saw has a powerful motor for good performance, a softgrip handle and a low vibration mass balance. The saw has a long working life and delivers a quiet, comfortable and ergonomic operation. The saw blade changer comes as standard. It is a simple tool, which allows you to remove and replace the saw blade quickly.
This versatile Bosch jigsaw, ideal for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, features a 1-blade system.

Its ergonomic softgrip handle makes it comfortable to use and its ergonomic design allows it to be used comfortably by hand. Its low vibration ensures that you will be able to work with ease. With its SDS technology, Bosch saw blades change quickly and easily, and with the air blast function, you will always have a clear view of the cutting line. It also comes with a convenient cable guide for keeping cables away from the blade when not in use.

  • Easy to use
  • Low vibration
  • Softgrip handle
  • Easy to change
  • Blade changer included
  • Only comes with one blade

VonHaus Jigsaw Tool 800W

We are proud to present the world’s first electric jigsaw, with its revolutionary cutting action designed by a company renowned for its expertise in laser technology and high-speed technology. The new jigsaw was developed using the latest technological developments in laser engineering and electrical and control technologies and incorporates a number of significant features. In particular, the speed and precision of this new electric jigsaw enables it to outperform all other electric and corded jigsaws.

The new jigsaw incorporates an integrated brushless motor which delivers a cutting power of up to 800 watts. The use of low-speed technology also reduces vibration, providing superior cutting performance even on difficult materials. The new jigsaw features a powerful LED lighting system to assist the operator in clearly identifying the workpiece, and it can be powered by battery or mains power. As with previous models, the new jigsaw allows the user to use the sawing edges as a work surface for small or delicate jobs.

To ensure the greatest precision possible, the jigsaw can be controlled remotely through a free app, allowing users to view the operation through live video and to set the appropriate cut path and blade size from the app. The jigsaw’s high speed ensures that the sawing process is completed in a fraction of the time, making this device particularly suitable for fast cutting applications. The new electric jigsaw is ideal for all types of woodworking, metalwork and plastics and is available in two sizes: 20 cm and 30 cm.

The EZ Cut is a cordless rotary tool that can be used with a variety of fastening devices. The unique blade has a special coating that prevents the tool from binding, cutting more smoothly with less effort. The coating also prevents rust, making it a reliable tool for a variety of applications.

With a blade size of 0.05″/1.27mm and a length of 5.5″, the EZ Cut can be used to cut and shape all kinds of plastic. The tool can be operated manually and with an attached rotary power drill and can cut up to 8/10 inch screws and bolts. The cutting head is protected with a high-quality, hard-anodised aluminium housing.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Cuts through plastics
  • Requires more effort than a rotary tool

DEWALT DCS331N-XJ XR Lithium-Ion Jigsaw

Dewalt has a reputation for building high-quality tools. The DCS331N-XJ is one of the most powerful models in the DCS331N family, with a total weight of only 4.8 kg, making it ideal for most applications. It features the industry’s best tool-free blade change system and patented anti-vibration system. Its motor features a variable speed trigger and lock-off switch, and is also Dewalt’s first use of a brushless motor, offering up to 3X the run time of its competitors.

In addition, this model comes with a 20-piece kit that includes a high-capacity lubricant tank, and three tools: the dust collection cup, a dust extractor brush, and the dust collector hose. All of these parts are interchangeable, so that you can use your current set of tools without any hassle. It also has an optional 4-speed variable speed trigger, giving you the option to use a very fast speed to cut through hard material or a slower speed to complete fine cuts and detail.

It’s also equipped with a powerful 50-amp hour lithium-ion battery that runs for up to 40 minutes per charge. In addition to these powerful cutting features, it comes with a dust extraction system, a tool-free adjustable shoe and a high quality handle that makes the DCS331X very easy to control.

This Dewalt jigsaw offers a number of cutting options. It features a variable speed trigger and lock-off switch, allowing the user to precisely control the power and reduce vibration. There is also a tool-free adjustable shoe, with anti-scratch bevels 45 degrees both ways for more precise cuts. Additionally, the jigsaw uses a patented counter-balance mechanism to deliver a smooth operation. Its integrated LED light is designed to illuminate areas to help you make accurate cuts.

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • expensive

Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw

For more than 50 years, Makita has been recognized for innovation in professional power tools. From firsts to classics, Makita has developed a reputation for outstanding engineering, ergonomic design and dependability. Makita is known for creating high-performance tooling that meets the demands of professionals worldwide. With new tools on the market, the Makita brand is poised to dominate the North American professional power tool industry for years to come.

The Makita JV0600K is the ideal saw for making quick, accurate cuts in a variety of materials, including MDF, plywood, OSB, particleboard, and medium density fiberboard. The variable speed dial makes it easy to adjust the output speed to meet the demands of different applications. Through-the-body dust ports keep the work area clean and promote dust collection. A tool-free blade changing system eliminates the need to remove a blade cover. The counterbalance mechanism minimizes vibration. For added versatility, the JV0600K is available in a range of sizes from 8 inches to 24 inches. It comes with a built-in tool bag.

A great addition to your home toolbox. Makita JV0600K top handle jig saw is a 6.5 amp variable speed saw that delivers high precision for all applications. This saw features a 3 orbital setting that allows the user to cut through hard materials like concrete, tile, wood and masonry. Additionally, it has a variable speed dial for controlling the speed of the blade. The saw is equipped with a dust collection system that is ideal for cutting on wood or other hard materials. In order to reduce vibration in the saw, it has a counterbalance system. The tool-less blade changing system enables the user to replace the blade easily without the need to remove the blade guard. This saw is equipped with a cordless charger that lets you use the saw while charging.

  • Varying speeds
  • 3 orbital cutting system
  • Dust collection system
  • Great for hard materials
  • Slightly expensive

Festool 561608 Carvex

The Festool 561608 Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw is a variable speed jigsaw designed for precision cutting. Its ergonomic design gives comfort during cutting, and the tool-free base and base insert platforms make it easy to use, even for beginners. Its variable speed blade allows you to cut very quickly and get a smooth finish.

Variable speed blade speed with extremely fast max 3,800 strokes per minute Tool-free base and base insert platform for expanded capabilities Triple blade guidance for perfectly perpendicular cuts and splinter guards for tear-free cuts Stroboscopic high-intensity LEDs for high blade visibility Brushless motor technology for light weight, more power and longer service life With the Festool 561608 Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw, you can carve anything from hard woods to soft woods. The versatile tool features a variable speed control with speeds ranging from slow, steady movement to very fast speeds. It’s equipped with an automatic feeding system and base insert system which enables you to cut even the most difficult of angles.

In addition, the Jigsaw can be used without a base plate, thanks to its built-in tool-free base and base insert system. The Jigsaw provides exceptional performance, making cutting a breeze, and the LED lights help you see the blade and the area you’re cutting. This tool provides a long service life with a brushless motor and high-quality hardened steel blades, ensuring durability and a solid performance. The tool also features a base insert system with variable speed. This makes it possible to cut even very difficult angles with this tool.

In addition, the Triple Blade Guidance System provides optimal blade parallel alignment and tear free cutting. The Stroboscopic High-Intensity LEDs provide high visibility and extended battery life. The brushless motor technology provides compact size, long service life and more power for your money.

  • Tool-free base and base insert system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Variable speed
  • The base is a little bulky


There are so many different jigsaws on the market, so it might take some time to find one that is perfect for your specific needs. One thing you want to look for is a saw that comes from a reputable brand, like Bosch and Black & Decker. No matter which of the two you choose or another brand, we suggest thinking about how often you think you will use the saw – this will help to determine if the price point makes sense based on your individual situation.

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