Best Welder for Aluminum

Welding is a common profession which is highly important in different industrial sectors. Welding is a skill which is used in different types of industry. The Welder is someone who is responsible for the process of joining the products by melting and fusing the material. The welder can also be referred as a fabricator. So, if you are someone who is looking to become a welder then you must be looking for the best welding machine.

If you are looking to buy the best welding machine, then you should be looking for the best welder for aluminum. When you need to weld aluminum, you need to make sure that you have the right welder. You can’t just choose any welder and expect it to work. Aluminum is a tricky material to weld and if you don’t have the right tools then you could end up damaging your work. We’ll look at some of the best welders for aluminum and the tools you need to do a great job.


The SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp MIG MAG ARC MMA Stick DC Welder 110/220V Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter 200A Aluminum Welding Soldering Machine Gas Shielded/Gasless Flux Cored Wire Solid Core Wire Welding Equipment is a powerful welder that has a dual voltage output 110-220 V AC with a 200 Amp motor output. The machine has an automatic arc start-up function, a welding torch with a 5.5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm wire diameter range, a gas shielded torch with oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene and propane and a gasless torch with acetylene and propane.

Other features include a digital display screen, digital memory, speed control, auto stop, a cooling fan, a safety interlock switch, and a battery life indicator. The unit comes with a user manual, a storage cover, a welding stand, two aluminum welding plates and two spools of aluminum wire. The unit weighs 25.7 lbs. and is 13.9 inches wide, 13.9 inches high, 8.8 inches deep and 27.2 inches long. It is made in China and backed by a 1 year warranty. 

SINGOLDPOWER MIG 400Amp MAG 400 Amps/200 Amps AC ARC MAG-MAG welding stick 110V/220V Inverter with power supply soldering iron. 2x2mm 50watt and 200 watt arc welding machine weld the aluminum wire. It can weld steel sheet, aluminum alloy, copper wire, stainless steel wire, lead wire and other various metal wires. This welding equipment works well with welding machine or other welding machine that can work with 230V.

It is mainly used to weld metal plates, thick metal plate, pipe fittings, automobile exhaust components, pipes for shipbuilding, construction and decoration etc. It is also used to repair cracks of large and heavy pipes, pipelines, ships and boats, and the like. SunGolPower 200 Amp Mig-Mag Arc MIG/MAG welding machine combines high performance and flexibility, to offer you the most effective and highest quality welding, soldering, brazing and cutting solutions.

  • It is suitable for welding aluminum wire and various kinds of metal wire.
  • It can weld thick metal plates, and thick metal sheets.
  • It is not suitable for welding thick steel plate.

Forney 220 ST PRO Welder

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an experienced welder, the Forney 220 ST PRO Welder is a versatile welder that can be used with metal or plastic materials. This welder comes with a stick, so you can use it on the floor, and a magnetic stand for your other accessories. Features include: a built-in power supply for high current operation, 4 wire contact welding with variable speed control, a 200 watt output, a 150 amp continuous load rating, a maximum output of 3.3 amps and is fully compatible with both metal and non-metal materials. It even has built-in amperage control.

The Forney 220 Pro Series is designed to serve professional welders and beginners who prefer to weld by hand, as well as those who use stick welding, and those who wish to learn more about the process. These machines feature a large weld gun with a built-in torch light, and the ability to perform stick and DC/TIG welding with ease. They come with a variety of accessories including a weld gun mount, a torch holder and the necessary consumables, and they’re available in a choice of three colors: Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Black.

The ST220 is the compact model of the 220 Series. It has a built-in TIG torch with a built-in stick torch and has a standard 1.75 mm flux core wire. The 220 series offers the widest range of welding parameters for its size. The high-quality aluminum heat shields make it ideal for use where the heat source is used daily and the wire feeding requirements are moderate.

Welder 220 ST PRO is the most complete and versatile TIG and stick welding equipment available on the market. For a quick start we recommend you use the included gas bottle. With up to 20 times more output than gas bottle based welders, Forney TIG/Stick welders deliver excellent weld quality and efficiency, enabling you to work faster and better.

  • Low weight and easy to handle
  • Quick start with a built-in gas bottle
  • Quick-change wire feeding
  • Not compatible with gas bottles with high pressure valves
  • Less control over the TIG welding parameters
  • Less powerful torch than a gas bottle based


The PRIMEWELD TIG225X IGBT 225A is a reliable and versatile stick welder designed to meet today’s modern welding applications. This compact and lightweight machine has a powerful 250 watts continuous rated output with full voltage control (110/240VAC) to provide unmatched versatility for general welding, cutting and surface treatments. It also features a compact design that allows easy transportation and storage. The IGBT 225A is equipped with Pulse-current control (PCC), which automatically senses the welding current to maximize weld quality and minimize operator fatigue. This is a versatile machine that can be used in many applications including general welding and surface treatments, and it comes equipped with a flexible 3-year warranty.

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK17 Flex Torch and Cable. 3 year warranty. Easy to install, with a maximum output of 225 Amps, this TigWeld is built to help weld any type of material including steel, aluminium, stainless steel and more, using a maximum input of 230V / 110V / 220V / 240V. It has an output temperature of up to 2100ºC.

This welding machine offers a 225 amp rating, with an additional 25 amps added to it for extra power, making this unit extremely versatile for a wide range of applications. The machine comes with its own set of cables, which makes it easy to hook up to whatever equipment you have available.

The PRIMEWELD® TIG225X is a high performance, high power, two phase welding tool designed for the professional who demands excellence. Its compact size, versatility and power output make it a perfect tool for anyone looking for a versatile, easy to use, cost effective, two phase welding tool with a lifetime warranty. This is your answer to those who demand a welding tool that gives it all.

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Compact size
  • Versatile and powerful
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Noisy
  • Not suited for applications that require low power output

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp

This AlphaTIG 200X is a high quality, 2 pole, 200A TIG and stick welder with pulse 110v or 220v, a 3 years warranty, all of it at a great price. This AlphaTIG 200X is ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast and professional TIG welding projects. This machine is equipped with the best tungsten heating element and special welding wire to ensure high quality welds. Built with a modern design, the machine incorporates many features that provide ease of operation and outstanding performance. This model can be used for metal welding, pipe cutting and piercing welding.

The Alpha TIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC/DC Stick welder uses Pulse, or Direct Current, power for easy stick welding and wire cut off. It comes complete with two high current contacts, two welding electrodes, and a variety of accessories. The unit is built tough and can handle large welding applications, including spot and seam welding of metals, mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum. We proudly present the latest advancement in TIG welding technology, the 200X, which provides high output for higher deposition rates up to 16 Amps continuous, 200 Amp peak output with a short arc of only 1.5 inches and 110V, 200V, or 220V input. 

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder comes complete with a tig welding gun with a 1.75mm welding tip, a stick welding gun with a 0.8mm welding tip, a gas cylinder for 200 bar argon gas and a pendant torch. The AlphaTIG 200X 200 amp welder weighs just 2kg and is easy to use. A three year warranty ensures that the AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder will provide you with years of reliable service.

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X has the power and versatility to tackle all your welding and cutting jobs. It’s the perfect tool for general-purpose use in residential, commercial and industrial environments, including the repair of metal and plastic pipes and tanks, metal roofing, fence and fencing, and other general maintenance.

  • Two poles
  • high current contact
  • a pulse or direct current power source
  • 1.75mm and 0.
  • No reverse polarity


The lotos mig welder mig175 175amp mig welding machine features a 75-amp constant current arc welding system. It offers maximum welding capacity and efficiency for most metals used in industry. It is well equipped to withstand the rigors of industrial applications including automotive repair, ship building and construction and many more. It’s easy to use, quick change of wire electrode holder and solid aluminum electrode holder allow for quick change of electrode.

The machine includes a safety switch that automatically shuts off the welding current whenever the operator stops the movement of the welding gun. The machine is highly efficient due to the use of an automatic pressure regulator that maintains constant working pressure throughout the entire welding cycle and is therefore a safe and accurate welding process. It also includes a high quality argon gas regulator that ensures an inert atmosphere for welding.

The LOTOS MIG175 175AMP mig welder with free spool gun and aluminum welding wires is designed for a great experience while welding aluminum. The mig welder is powered by a 2.0Ah lithium polymer battery with the capacity of 175 Amps continuous duty rate and is fitted with 4Amp DC trigger for ease of use. Also includes a standard MIG gun, mask, and 4 ft. of aluminum welding wires. Use the free spool for continuous use or to save money by using spare parts.

It is designed for use on aluminum and steel materials. Easy to use and includes several useful accessories like a free spool gun, mask, and aluminum welding wires. This is a complete kit, and all you will need for any job. Use this compact welder to weld up aluminum to other metals such as plastic, brass, copper and much more. This welding machine has a 175amp maximum current with the ability to reach over 150amps.

  • Powerful welding machine
  • Great welding experience
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive


Lotos TIG200ACDC is a very powerful AC/DC tig welding machine for aluminium/mild steel/stainless steel. It has a square wave inverter and a foot pedal. With this machine, you can weld up to three metals at a time with one wire feeder. A lot of welders come with a built-in square wave inverter. What this means is that you don’t have to plug in the inverter separately, which makes it easier to setup and use.

However, the built-in square wave inverter in most welders limits the maximum welding current and wire feed speed you can use. Lotos AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder is very easy to use, and it can be used for welding up to 25mm (1″) diameter plates. When the tig torch is connected to the power supply, the current will flow through the plate. The arc length between the electrode and the workpiece will control the weld penetration.

With an aluminum plate and a good fluxing material, a weld of 25mm (1″) thick aluminum plate, and using 50A DC stick type welding equipment, it is possible to create a uniform weld, the penetration is 0.25mm (0.01″). The arc length can be adjusted from 3.2-24mm (0.12″ – 9.8″) to suit different plate thicknesses. A square wave inverter with the foot pedal can achieve a higher welding speed. 

The Tig 200ACDC Aluminum Tig Welder is a fast, easy-to-use tig welding tool that works on both AC and DC current, with a power range of up to 200 amps. With the included Square Wave Inverter, the Tig is equipped with a unique DC arc starter option, allowing users to use both square wave and arc starting methods. The square wave method is more commonly known as “creeping” and is used for welding thinner materials such as aluminum

  • Very easy to use
  • Powerful machine
  • Very easy to set up
  • Good wire feed speed
  • Good quality weld
  • Pricey


If you have metal that needs to be welded, you’re probably looking for a welder that can work with aluminum. To answer your question, we recommend you the LOTOS TIG200ACDC welder because it is designed to work with both steel and aluminum. When using the Lotos welder, you can get the best possible results for your project.

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